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Energetic Transformation and Healing

Shwang Source


Susan Hwang

About the creator of Shwang Source

I came to energetic healing out of curiosity.  While receiving a VortexHealing® session in 2000, I experienced a movement in myself, in my physical body, that was peaceful and good and undeniable.  I immediately wanted to find out more and registered for my first VortexHealing® class.  Since then, not only has my Vortex training deepened, but my practice has expanded to include other frequencies and powerful healing modalities that I call The Movement and Source (as taught by Alexandra Marquardt).  This work that comes organically through me now integrates seamlessly within a session to provide deep alignment with who you are and what you want, in perfection with what your system is calling for at that time.

The way the energy moves through me and the way I receive messages is very physical.  Information is given in gestures, and the movement of the energy and the transformation that is occurring is often reflected in the movement of my own body, along with my own intuition and emotional mirroring.

I love this work because it is endlessly fascinating and proves to me every day how connected we all are to our own inner knowing.  It seems the less we get in the way of that, the healthier, clearer and freer we feel.

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Why Naturopathy

Why Shwang Source?

It can help with

Faint Glow

Clearing, energizing and balancing of chakras and other energy centers allows for more flow of life force in the kundalini and energetic spine, resulting in increased vitality.

Alignment with Goals

As you align with your truth, you gain a clarity of alignment with all your goals.   We can also pay attention to a specific goal and set your system to align and harmonize with that.

Restoration and Balance

Stress and the other emotional experiences can be held as tension in the system.  The energy helps to release this tension, creating a deep relaxation that allows the system to process all its experiences more smoothly.  Extremely restorative and balancing.

Deep Clearing

Clearing can be as deep as karmic levels. Negative imprinting can be cleared on a genetic level as well.

Feeling Like You

Balance, clearing and alignment on all levels often results in a feeling of you as your best self.  There's less identification with an issue and more allowing of your fundamental you.


As the energies work with you in your process, you can feel freedom from patterns or issues that are no longer serving you.  You may notice changes in your behavior and responses to familiar situations.



“Just wanted to reiterate how much old, old trauma cleared in that session.  My pelvis felt so open and centered.... Your work moved energy so effectively.... Thank you again for the wonderful session.”

— Rose  Osorio

“Susan's healing sessions are deeply transformative.  She works with a variety of energies that are... there aren't really words to describe these sessions but I've had major clearing and shifts.”

— Joie Jacobsen

"Thanks so much for that magnificent gift (manifestion candle) that is now beautifully displayed on my coffee table. In the words of Bugs Bunny, 'Whata ya know, the stuff woiks!'"

— Marlon Cherry

My Modalities

Vortex Healing®

Energy and consciousness from the Merlin lineage for transformation and alignment on all levels.

The Movement

Powerful healing energy that works to heal on all levels through contact with meridian points. Release and transformation is deep, often on the karmic level.  


Divine creative energy with no limit to the energizing, support and insight it provides.  Training received from Alexandra Marquardt.


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East Village, New York, NY 10003

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