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Divine Doors and my Pre-Class Special

I'm about to take my next VortexHealing class, and it's one I've been looking forward to for a few years now.  The class transforms your energy system to allow for the creation of Divine Doors. 

A Divine Door is an energetic structure that bridges in Divine energy, grace and consciousness from multi-dimensional roots into a place in space-time. 

You can create them in objects to meditate with or to use as an open channel to the Divine that might function as a guide or teaching tool.

Every time you connect with or hold the object, you’ll be receiving a healing or blessing.  

You can imbue them with qualities like Divine Light, Love or Peace.  Also, you can bridge in Divine personality (Christ, Krishna, Divine Mother) or bridge into the Angelic Realm.  You can create them for physical spaces as well and large geographic locations. 

When you create Divine Doors for the body, they bridge Divinity into a certain area of the energy system that may support and strengthen the system, or “obstruct” the engaging with ego-drama, or help facilitate a transformational breakthrough.

I'm excited for the class and the new energetic tools!  I'm running a special right now before heading off to London for class.  Any session confirmed with payment will receive a complimentary Divine Door when I return from class (September 15th).  Reserve a session now (in person or distance healing) that can take place whenever it works for both our schedules, and you'll receive a complimentary Divine Door!

I'm excited for class and for all the possibilities of how Divine Doors can be applied (in crystals, candles, vehicles, cell phones?)  I hope you're enjoying this last week of summer, and I'm looking forward to connecting with you and exploring the ways we can support, nurture and harmonize your system and your life through all its transformation and evolution.

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