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March 20th Spring Equinox Ritual

I'm working with a dear friend and fellow witch, Julie Lamendola to facilitate a Spring Equinox Ritual and Healing. Julie is an experienced massage therapist, artist, performing musician and songwriter who creates ritual and magic for her community in Bushwick and beyond. Together, we're bringing a hands-on approach to welcoming the expansion of springtime in in our systems and in all aspects of our lives.

Space is limited to 8 attendees so we may provide enough individual attention in the 90 minute workshop at SOLID GOLD YOGI in Bushwick Brooklyn. The address is 20 Wycoff Ave. near the Jefferson St. stop on the L train. Start time is 2pm on Sunday, March 20th. You can reserve your spot at

Here's a promo video of Julie and I singing an original song written by Julie Lamendola. Hope to see you there for this first collaboration and meeting in magic!


Celebrate and honor your individual path through the shared experience of community connected in ritual. We meet in this time of transformation in the perfect balance of the vernal equinox to open to passive learning and to allow for culminations as we welcome inspiration and feelings of freedom.

Please bring a journal and something write with

We are limiting the group to 8, so please sign up in advance.

This multidisciplinary experience is facilitated by:

Julie Lamendola - Swedish massage therapist and deep tissue massage practitioner with decades of practice and training in intuitive energetic healing, tarot, lunar living, witchcraft and shamanic journeying

Susan Hwang - Intuitive and energetic healing; tarot guidance. VortexHealing®; Source Mystery School; information and transformation communicated by your guides, your system and Susan's helpers.

** Safe healing touch will facilitate movement within your system energetically and physically. This could include touching or pressing feet, knees, torso, neck, head and shoulders. There will be space to let the practitioner know if there is a part of your body you would prefer left untouched **

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